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you're publishing an interesting blog, on a subject that's an emerging force in the business environment. The only thing I would add to your steering committee definition is the role of "working committee." This means that the committee isn't a stamping ground for decisions only. It actively works with the project managers to resolve high-level issues and risks, including overseeing the portfolio's status and trend.



Thanks for your suggestion. I wonder if the steering committee can do much "work," but rather serve more of a decision facilitation function. I think what you're talking about is the Project Management Organization (PMO). The folks in the PMO needs to roll up their sleeves and help PMs every day.


Ignacio Inchausti

Yes Demian, insightful perspective on "steering committee architects" - they have the delicate "DNA" role of seeding the steering committee appropriately.

Which leads me to think of the notion of interests and the bearing they have on the outcome; ie. steering committee architects (if in fact it's a group) will bring individual interests to the discussion and these may need to be "resolved", which is where options come into the equation.

So options are used to address any conflicting ineterests that are raised by the architects, and here is where the fundamental characater or focus or "personality" of the steering committee is created.

The lesson: dwell upon the interests and potential conflicts brewing amongst the steering committee architects, lest you set in train a flawed process and outcome.



In my experience, there is often a small group (as small as 1) that plays a "prime mover" role. That group tends to carry what you call the DNA with them. And to your point, what are their interests? Are they self-aware? Can they set aside their individual interests for the larger goal?

I guess this line of thought begs the question: can we do a committee correctly if we don't already have the right DNA?

I say "yes" if we recognize that we don't have it.

- Demian

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